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A Piece of Wedding Cake

  • Fitting the Tetrimino topper on the Cake
    A Piece of Cake takes pains to create a wedding cake for your special occasion...This is not a catlogue for you to pick a product number for a cake order! It's more for you to see the previous work that the cake artist has done and to also feel the sense of joy and celebration that the cakes bring. Read the testimonials of the happy couples here too. Thanks for viewing!

Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

  • Decorated Cookies
    You have found a baker with a wacky sense of humour and who relishes a creative idea. Here are some examples of pop cake art. (If your kids would love to have a hand in decorating their own birthday cake, contact me for more info! Kids at heart are welcome too!)

A Piece of Cheesecake

  • Peachy Freezy Berry Breezy
    In my humble opinion, a beautifully decorated cheesecake says "I Love You" in ways few other things can. ;O) The 9" cheesecake is perfect for your intimate moments or smaller functions, just friends and family..

A Rollerblading Wedding!

  • Cake is Served!
    My very dear friend Peishi gets married and I baked a cake for her and the kids got in on the action too! She was my first baking buddy when we were 13 yrs old, completely clue-less as to how to bake a cake. We had to spoon the cake we baked. Ah.... such wonderful memories of happy times together. Apologies for the poor photo quality. Blame it on our frantic rush out of the house with cake and kids, forgot the proper camera and had to rely on the iphone instead. :P

Sculpey Art!!!

  • Close up
    At A Piece Of Cake, we can custom design and make cake toppers and other ornaments for your cake- a very special keepsake that will last for years to come. Our toppers are made of Sculpey, a highly versatile polymer clay that hardens when baked in the oven. Click 'ere to see a few of our Sculpey art projects!

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22 July 2007


John & Clara

My picture's going to be all over the net!! It was a brilliant cake, I just wished there was a video that showed the cake in all its angles, the photos just don't seem to do it justice.

Hey, thanks again for the cake, it was one of the best games of tetris I ever played--so delicious that everything disappeared!


wow wow wow. i saw this lovely cake on gameaxis and i had to see the maker. indeed! a lovely creation. i hope you'll still be making cakes in years to come. I'd love to have a computer game themed cake for my wedding as well! prolly a super mario one woooooooooooooo. cheers! I'll be sure to promote you're baking services to my friends. PS: I do have to taste it first tho. :)


John and Clara, fortunately or un-fortunately, your picture is all over the net... I'm not in to gaming and stuff so I'm kinda amazed at the attention your cake is getting. Grief. :OP

Well, I'll just count it as my 1 minute of fame... :O)

Maybe someone did take a video? We'll look for it. I suspect ZY did.


Hey, jm... thanks for the compliments. Groan... I hope this won't be the start of my career making computer game themed cakes... double groan... :OP Just kidding.

As for the taste of it.. I guess you'll just have to take RexRetry's word for it?

"Oh and for the record, it was delicious carrot cake with thick sugar frosting, which left the lot of us with a sugar rush. Just the way we like it."

One of my aims is to bake cakes that taste as good as they look. ;O)

Jaleeb Caru

I made a montage of your cake using your images, I hope you don't mind. If you have any objections, I will remove it immediately. Congratulations on a masterpiece wrapped in fondant.


I looooovvvveeee the cake! Your imagination is putting Da Vinci to shame!

Can I have a camera cake next time? Ha:P


Now now Des... you know fine compliments won't get you cake...


Thanks for the compliment but I really can't hold the candle to Da dude. :O)

Sure, we can think about a camera cake but have to warn you... you need to put LOADS of black food colouring to make it a black camera. Blech..

Jaleeb Caru

There's a new, slightly different less abrasive version of the earlier montage on YouTube at that uses the original Gameboy soundtrack for the ultimate in Tetris Cake enjoyment!


wow impressive can i shameless put a shout out on me facebook?


that would be my honour, Candy! :O)

What's a "shout out"? :OP

Candy's ventures, check it out:

Jordan 1

cake is a nice dessert, but it's easy to get fat, so try to eat less...

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