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A Piece of Wedding Cake

  • Fitting the Tetrimino topper on the Cake
    A Piece of Cake takes pains to create a wedding cake for your special occasion...This is not a catlogue for you to pick a product number for a cake order! It's more for you to see the previous work that the cake artist has done and to also feel the sense of joy and celebration that the cakes bring. Read the testimonials of the happy couples here too. Thanks for viewing!

Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

  • Decorated Cookies
    You have found a baker with a wacky sense of humour and who relishes a creative idea. Here are some examples of pop cake art. (If your kids would love to have a hand in decorating their own birthday cake, contact me for more info! Kids at heart are welcome too!)

A Piece of Cheesecake

  • Peachy Freezy Berry Breezy
    In my humble opinion, a beautifully decorated cheesecake says "I Love You" in ways few other things can. ;O) The 9" cheesecake is perfect for your intimate moments or smaller functions, just friends and family..

A Rollerblading Wedding!

  • Cake is Served!
    My very dear friend Peishi gets married and I baked a cake for her and the kids got in on the action too! She was my first baking buddy when we were 13 yrs old, completely clue-less as to how to bake a cake. We had to spoon the cake we baked. Ah.... such wonderful memories of happy times together. Apologies for the poor photo quality. Blame it on our frantic rush out of the house with cake and kids, forgot the proper camera and had to rely on the iphone instead. :P

Sculpey Art!!!

  • Close up
    At A Piece Of Cake, we can custom design and make cake toppers and other ornaments for your cake- a very special keepsake that will last for years to come. Our toppers are made of Sculpey, a highly versatile polymer clay that hardens when baked in the oven. Click 'ere to see a few of our Sculpey art projects!

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24 November 2008



Thank you so very much for the time and effort in doing up our cake. It was simply lovely and majority who were present at the wedding really were impressed by both the appearance and taste of the cake. We were very touched by the fact that it has been so wonderfully customised for us and it really left us feeling very sweet. Once again, thank God that He made our day a real special one through His people, Suwei and Carol!

Christopher Tan

Hi Su Wei, I really admire your cakes. Have you ever done a cake that looks like a piano?

I'm into piano playing. Just set up a website cum podcast at

Do have a listen with good speakers or headphone, and give me some comments as well.

God Bless.

Sue Ong

hello Christopher,

thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement! No, I haven't done a piano, though I have thought of it before. But to colour fondant black (for the black keys) would really use A LOT of black food colouring... blech. :OP

Great job with the hymn site! Keep up the good work there too! To God be the Glory.


Christopher Tan

Hi Su Wei,

What about using dark chocolate for the black colour instead (yummy!).

There is a cake shop in Changi that sells cakes coated completely in dark chocolate. Quite expensive, though, about $30 for a 1kg cake.

Anyway, just a suggestion.

God Bless.



Yummy! Better than looking at underwater world fish and going, "now that one need to fry, this one steam better..."

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Best regards,
Lisa Bloom

philippine cakes

WOW! I really really love the design.

Jason Zenteno

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That is a fantastic cake! That octopus and squids are so cute! It's out of this world cake(Underwater can be considered out of this world, what say?).


what a amazing design,this is absolutely fabulous cake,it gonna be a perfect match for a beach wedding,i love it.



Thanks everyone! Glad you guys liked it. :)
I liked it too, totally had fun creating the creatures (didn't follow any book or instructions, honest.)

Shamima Sultana

wow...wonderful cake...yum yum yum...
really creative job


Hi Shamima,
Thanks so much! :)


Herpes in Men

GREAT and AMAZING!! Awesome your so really artistic! Very nice I really, really love your work! Thanks for sharing you works.. Keep it up..



Thank you! :) And you're too welcome. It's my pleasure to share my art. :)


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