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A Piece Of Cake

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March 26, 2007


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It's lovely! Abi can colour very nicely inside lines now.
I think you look better without glasses... In real life and in drawings (:


Actually... Thinking back.. I can't quite remember how you look without glasses!


ha... and blue is such a flattering skin colour on me! :OP

Was just thinking last night how much money we've saved from not buying contact lens solutions for so many years now... yae!


The drawings are so sweet. Don't they just highlight the fact that you were chosen to be a mother, to just love and be loved by your children.........:)


Ah.. sharie, when I was growing up, i never did think i would one day become a mother.. and a mother of FOUR! (and counting???) Well, I'm sure God has a sense of humour. :O)


Hi Suwei,

Remember me? I wrote to order a cake - the caterpillar cake... Yes we are doing it with you!!! and since im already IN your page...ill make sure to leave a note to say how inspiring your testimony as a mother and as an artist. Ive been reading your thoughts here and could sense the blessings overflowing... to the hearts of your readers. Praise GOD for the heart that HE is nurturing in you...GOD bless your family too


Dear Ethel,

Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement! It means a lot to me. :O)Thank you for appreciating the talent that God has given me in the cake decorating too. I'll do my best to share that blessing with you and yours. :O)

God truly has been so good to us and we cannot help but praise Him. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.


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