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March 10, 2007


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Hi Suwei,

I guess we must have come from the same batch - I remember the first Chinese lesson as Ren, Kou, Tou too!

A couple of perspectives though..
I remember my mom (who went to a Chinese school in Malaysia) being horrified at that first lesson, saying it was so easy compared to her time, and she was convinced that Chinese standards had declined (I'm afraid that my level of Chinese confirmed that viewpoint).

And now, the points of the Maths lessons you mentioned, e.g. word problems, higher standards, are among the reasons that Singapore Math is esteemed here in the US! (

What to say.. neither being tough nor easy is the right answer. I would just conclude that education is at its best when it challenges but doesn't frustrate the student. And homeschooling has a leg up here over the 'mass education', since parents can tailor the pace to each child. :)

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