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September 30, 2007


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Just letting you know that I dropped by your site today. It's great to see other believers making a dynamic testimony online.


Amen and thank you. :O)


I saw that photo yesterday and was so distracted by it that I completely forgot to read the blog post! So here I am again, to read it in its entirety :P

You're right about the difficulty in finding conservative clothes. The clothes here are either too revealing or they'll only fit teddy bears :)


Oh dear Germ! And you were distracted by the _______ ??

Oh and buying clothes.. I get really depressed even trying. I psyche up some effort, right? Do the clothes hunting thing, right? After I've sieved through what is "acceptable", there's really hardly anything left to choose from. I get so discouraged and end up doing groceries instead.



Hey! Who says that lady does not exist anymore? I know her! After marriage especially with children, her exterior beauty moved on to the next phase - inward. The beauty now lies inside. What you see on the outside is a mom who gives all to her family. That's not too bad, is it? I was also a little hurt my my son's comments one day when he was going through 'once-upon -a-time' pictures of me and said, "This was you before you got married, what a waste!" Though a little hurt, I accept the fact. And I think this year, I will take down my 3R wedding picture sitting in a frame in the living room because all guests who have visited my home will ask what happened to me after my wedding. Sigh.........


BTW, Congrats on making it into Vanilla and Mothers and Babies!


Oh Sharie! That was so funny! I say that because I know you are comfortable with yourself. Yes, the ravages of time and pregnancies.

I had some friends tell me at least I have some babies to show for it. :OP All our beauty passed on to them, not too bad lah.


That's exactly what I said to my son - wasted because all of it, well I'll re-phrase that; most of it have gone to you all. I would like to think that I still have a little of what used to be. Sniff.


And you do lah, Sharie. In all honesty, i think that too- a little of what used to be... :OP


Distracted by the photo! Hahaha! I clicked on it to enlarge it, and forgot to read the post that came along with it! I love grocery shopping! People hang out at Orchard, and I stowaway at NTUC. HAHA!


Well Germ, Glad that you eventually got to the WORDS bit. ;O)

Was just at an NTUC last night. Grocery shopping is part of my job scope so it doesn't count as fun anymore. Most most times anyway.


Now I know what this post is all about! I read Vanilla last night and saw your article.
You are so young and so full of wisdom.
Thanks for blessing us all with your blog.


Hi Alice! Thanks so much for dropping a note! And thank you for appreciating this little labour of love of a blog. ;o)

TO God be all glory!

God bless you,

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