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October 12, 2007


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I like the terrier and the elephant :)
Are you going to cook the "tooth vegetable" to eat after they're all grown? :D
Over here in HK, it's common to find the giant bean sprouts... no, not Jack & the beanstalk... the sprouts grown from soy beans ;)


Oh, what fun! I love the application, too.
And what a great idea... bean art!
Our eldest made a cardinal out of chocolate chips the other day! I love the creativity. ;o)

~ Christina


Dear Carol, Tao Geh from soy beans! that'll be quite a crunchy mouthful, wouldn't it?

No, we can't eat our harvest because no. 1 tried to bury them in the soil at the end of day one when I didn't notice. I made him carefully dig it up so we could continue with our observation. So it's too yuckky to eat. :OP

And that's the other tao geh story.


Dear Christina, Thank you for dropping a note! And remember! BEAN ART. You saw it here first. ;O)

Blessings to you.


great idea indeed!


thanks ines and thanks for dropping a note! A homeschooler in indonesia! :O)

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