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February 19, 2008


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Yi Huey

Hi, just want to encourage you for doing such a fantastic job with the blog!

Just to share an incident at the playground yesterday that made me really wonder if I should send my daughter to regular school where she may pick up undesirable actions/words. A few older children were demonstrating how to climb up a slide instead of sliding down, jumping down from tall places etc, all very dangerous acts. My two yr old, being young and impresionable, wanted to follow suit. I told her not to follow them because she may fall and hurt herself. But the bigger lesson is that she should not follow people who do silly and dangerous things.

Somehow this incident reminded me that I would not be there forever for her, so during her growing years, I need to teach and inculcate these values in her so she may make wise decisions herself when I am not by her side.


Hi Yi Huey! Thanks for posting! ;O)

I totally agree with you that we only have a very small window of time to be there with our children to teach them, train their character, and nurture them physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

Time flies! All too soon, time will be up and they'll be living lives as adults we have trained (or not trained) them to be.


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