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May 24, 2008


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Hi Ongs, my wife Shiowlin persuaded me to comment on this. Frankly most people blog for fun or interest. That’s why not much money was made. This is my view from experience.

To make moolah, the blog got to be focussed on a lucrative topic. The blog contents got to be SEOed (search wikipedia) and adverts are to be strategically positioned. Finally you try to have backlinks to every page and constant influx of new content. Social networking sites can help bring in traffic too. Then it will help if you can analyze your traffic, where/how they come from and what did they do at your website using tracking software. I am sorry if these confuse you. Ignore them if you want to.

For your website, I suggest you buy a domain name (maybe and a host. Domain name is less than US$10 a year and host cost less than US$100 per year (plus you can host many websites). Sorry, most free hosted blogs have limited functions for you to monetise. Your monetising models can be adsense, clickbank or affiliate programs... (Try searching eg homeschooling affiliate programs) You already have Amazon links, why not sign up as their affiliates and earn money? You are already leaving money on the table. Amazon doesn’t pay very well but hey, it’s better than nothing.

For the past 2 years, most of my money made was from adsense and some affiliate programs. Oh yes, the money made is more than a few laptops (borrowed from Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost). Not a lot but considering that I neglected tham for a long long time. It takes time and effort (money) to build such websites. Most of my traffic comes from US. I feel that Americans are more incline to spend money online than locals. Besides, there are more internet users/clickers from the western world than from Singapore.

So are you still worried about the fidelity of your blog? Why not view it as a service? If you think the product can benefit your readers, recommend it. If you want to, tell them that you are earning some commission to offset the operating cost of running this website/blog.

Who knows, this blog may become your ministry when your children grows up. Oh, by the way, it brings in some spare change as well :)


Firstly, I have to thank Shiowlin for making your husband write a comment entry. Thank you!

Thanks Mr. Joshua for your insight into this advertizing thing. (What's the link to your site??? I'd love to take a look...)

You've certainly given me a fresh perspective and I really appreciate your advice! Will be looking further into it. :O)

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