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April 25, 2009


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Hi Suwei,
Wondering what I am doing at this unearthly time of the night? Usually, I am an "owl" on weekdys but will make it a point to sleep on Sat nite as I need to attend my church's svs on Sunday afternoon. However, I feel led by the LORD to read your blog tonight. I just want to share with you an extract from a poem which I find it very encouraging. The poem is about "The promises of God" & it says...God may not have promised us sun without rain,joy without sorrow, peace without pain but he has promised us strength for the day, rest for the labourer, grace for the trial & unfailing help from above...With this comforting promise, no matter what happens, we can keep things in God's perspective. Thank God for your faith in Him as it's important to have faith in God rather than in yourself.(Habakkuk 2:4). Surely, your prayer & faith will please the LORD & I truly believe that our God will do the impossible if it is in His will. Btw, I shall be invited to share abt the "joy of motherhood" in my church's web radio & I want to seek your permission to share with the listeners about an email you have received fr a missionary pastor's wife recently, can I? Alright,I have to pen off from now. Oops, before I do that, pls convey my msg to your little "gentlemen" that I'm touched by their thoughtfulness for their "Mom". May I take this opportunity to wish you a most blessed Mother's day filled with blessings of joy ;)

Thanking God for you,


Dear Annie,
I am indeed grateful that you took the time to write a note! Thanks for your words of encouragement even in my moment of apprehension. He has not promised sunshine without rain, but He has promise strength for the day. :O)

Sure, you can quote from Mrs Ter's letter. :O) May you be a great blessing on that program! (What's the details of how to tune in?)

Will let my little gentlemen know.

See you real soon.

Love in Christ,


Hi Suwei,
It's our Church's weekly Bible Witness Web Radio ladies' programme which is aired on Monday(8am); Thursdays(2pm);Friday(9:30pm) and Saturdays(10am). It's also available "on-demand". (Pls go to and click "on-demand".) The broadcast is 24/7. Oftentimes, the night program is likened as my 'spiritual supper' & has blessed me in many areas of my life. Tune in & find out more for yourself! God bless.

Thanking God for our bond in Christ,

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