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July 30, 2010


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You wrote : "I have seen families with very "conservative" menus. The children don't eat this or they don't eat that. You can't put onions in the dish, or they won't touch carrots, etc"

Hmm...I would just be careful of assuming that it's always the parents' fault. You have been blessed with children who will eat raw cabbage and carrots and broccoli!

Just like you, we have always offered a variety of foods when they start out. But along the way, they WILL develop their own tastes - just like fashion perhaps? :P And they will not eat green or raw stuff :(

I guess the difference is that I still make them eat it except the 3 yr old. She's excused till she's 4! :D

Actually all our children start out loving veggies then they turn 2 or 3. And they would have nothing to do with them :(


Hi Serene,
thanks for dropping by and appreciate the input.:)Adds depth to the conversation. :)
I apologize if it came out looking like I'm putting all the "blame" on parents. I would hate to broad brush families like that.
I guess the point I was trying to make is that parents should not shy away from getting their children to eat their greens and to eat a wide variety of food. (like you do with your kids.)
And yes, I'd agree that it might be a childhood thing, types of foods and tastes. Like, when I was a child, I used to avoid celery, and other strong tasting veges. Now, I love the different tastes. Need more excitement palate-wise, I guess?


I was having dinner with an Indian friend (in Bangalore) and we ordered chicken-corn soup. I was savoring my portion and commenting how nice it was to finally have non-spicy food, when I noticed he was very quiet. Finally, he perked up when he saw the chilli bottle and poured a generous dollop into his bowl.

I couldn't resist asking in amusement, "Was it too bland?" and he agreed, "Yah, no taste".

Now back to your main message of eating a healthy variety of foods.. :)


hi YW! Sorry for the delayed response!! how are you doing? very well, I'm sure! :D

I think livening up your food with chilli is much better than loading up with the salt shaker. ;) Good on you friend. haha.

I'm not a serious chilli eater but i think i'll die (or be very miserable) if i only had access to "bland" food all the time. We were travelling in England/Ireland/Scotland/Belgium one year and the moment we got to London, we jumped into the first tandoori restaurant we found. VERY SATISFACTORY. :)

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