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October 15, 2010


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Shiow Lin

so timely for us. we were just discussing how we should focus more effort in training our children, esp the younger one. mostly there were slips on my side in the past when i let her get the way.. and the 'fruits' are bearing. but thanks for yr sharing.. it rightly reminded me to parent as God intended.. not mine. thanks


Love this entry. Have been trying to practise all these in disciplining my children. Learnt some of these parenting techniques from books and found them really useful. And I totally agree that children have to learn to obey their parents, or we will have loads of problems when they reach teenage years.

Being a teacher, it pains me to hear parents say, "Teacher, help me. I really cannot control my son/ daughter anymore." Some parents are really helpless in stopping their 13-year old from coming home past midnight. So what will become of such children in 10 years' time?

You really should write a book on parenting and sell it, Sue. I'll support you!


Thanks, Shiow Lin, for the feedback. You also know my kids are not perfect nor am I but these are some parenting philosophies that we practice. :)

I'm glad that God can use this post to help (get back on track.) I do know that this blog seems to attract parents of small kids, so I do hope that posts like these can be of help and encouragement to them.



Hi Chlorine,
you got exactly what I was driving at..... that is- don't wait until there is a rebellious teen before trying to do something!!! Too many parents throw their hands in the air and wonder where their cute and naughty little kid went and became this stubborn, uncontrollable teen. The seeds were sown long long ago.

So, hopefully posts like these (there's many good ones on the web) can help parents to have a good fighting chance... ;)

Yes, I remember the days back as a teacher too, when a parent would be asking the P to please talk to their child to get him or her to listen and be good. What can the P do???

Me? write a book? hmmmm.... haha... you can support me by sharing this blog with those whom you think can benefit lor. :) Thanks!!


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