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August 18, 2012


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"Shelter from what? ... from being forced to learn things that are beyond their grasp, from producing results that were forced out of them through sheer grit and many tears..."

I can't agree more with you. The stress is tremendous for all the parties involved, even tutors and teachers. The fact is, regardless whether one is ready or not, he is expected to be able to solve challenging questions, and solve them fast, within a limited time. And it's so easy to have self-doubt when one can't perform up to expectations, his or/and others.

Seriously, this is just not right. I may not advocate homeschooling totally but I do hope that the system will change and focus more on the child's total well-being and development.

MieVee @

Personally, I find that traditional schooling life emphasises too much on grades. Anything that's not tested or important for PSLE / O Levels etc gets ignored by children and parents. This includes areas like civic and moral education, music, art and physical education which are essential to total development.

And going to morning school leaves most students sleep deprived indeed. Rise by 6-7a.m. But how many young children get their 10-12 hours of sleep daily when they have a ton of homework / spelling / test revisions to do?

Justin Tham

So can secondary school students do home schooling too?


Hi Justin,
Oh yes. In fact, it is easier with MOE to homeschool because the compulsory education act only applies to primary school students.

If a secondary school student drops out of school, MOE cannot keep that child in school by law.


Justin Tham

Ok, let's just say you are a secondary school student and you would like to opt for homeschooling . Your reasons are that you dont like going to school and you find it's in a much better environment What do you do?


Hi Justin!

I would:
- pray to God and ask Him for wisdom n guidance.
- do more research on homeschooling
- talk to my parents
- meet homeschooling families which have teenagers together with my parents to find out more
- pray some more.

All the best!


I am a single father with at 14 year old from the U.S. The option I am considering is home school. He tends to be able to learn from home than in school. When he came out here this summer, he studied in prep for the local shool. No issue with learning no issue with listening. Once he got into the school system, no progress.
I would like to meet up and talk to someone.

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