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A Piece Of Cake

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September 24, 2012


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That squishy baby thing? No 2 used to LIE on 3 when he was a baby! All.the.time! In the end I had to bring #3 everywhere just so he wouldn't be smothered to death! Lol!

And the food court thing, everyone gets one order coz they all eat SO much! Faint, right? Yes, the 3 yr old eats almost an adult's portion of noodles/rice!


Wow, Serene, 8 and a half portions?? What you are we will become... Gulp.



I'm a homeschooler in Singapore as well, and I just want to say how inspirational and amusing your posts are. Especially how I can identify with most of them because I have eight other siblings.

God bless :)

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