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October 18, 2012


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Sandra Chin

I have only managed to go half "your way", so I have nothing to share in that department. I just want to say how I am encouraged by your sharing and the timely reminder of God's Word. There, you have even managed to serve the Lord with your blog. :) Praise the Lord!


U r amazing! I have 2 boys and I can't even find time to check my emails daily. U can homeschool, keep a blog and Facebook on top of the chores and night feeding!! No advice from me but admiration!


If everyday has a different programme then I am suggesting a ROUTINE vs a SCEHDULE.

I have done the Maxwell thing and unless you are a perfectionist and your children are able to snap from one activity to another, YOU will drive yourself nuts. But try it at least once. It is fun :)))

A routine as mentioned in my blog somewhere (lol!) is when things flow into each other. Eg. after breakfast, we do school then have lunch then nap for the littles then more school for the slow pokes or playtime. Then dinner then clean up then more playtime. Then sleep.

So it doesn't matter what time we wake up or what time lunch is. School always after breakfast and nap/rest times always comes after lunch.

And as I have mentioned also in my blog under Help Tips, teach the children to be independent in school work and in play and it is much easier for everyone.

Baby is baby. She is special and gets special privileges. And mama needs to nap because of the night wakings. Actually this mama still needs her naps even though her "baby" is 3 :)

All the best!


Hi Sandra,

Thanks! Since u know how it makes me glad to serve the Lord with my writings, I believe you have the same heart too! Praise God! ;)



Hi Shirley,

Thanks for the kind words. Please don't compare like that..... 2 boys can be a real handful! And I get a lot of help these days from the older ones. ;)



Dear Serene,

Wise words from experienced mom of seven! You kinda confirmed my fears.... We have been a ROUTINE family for years, and to do half hour blocks... I was having my doubts.

I will tweak it and encourage to children to redeem the time.

Thanks for taking the time to type!


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