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Alex and June

Alex and June


Dear Sis Suwei,

It warms our hearts to see these pictures, bringing
back memories of our big day! It was the start of a
special journey for us and we were really blessed to
have our dear brethren helping us get ready! But we
must give special tribute to you with the beautiful
cake that you baked for us! We really appreciate the
planning, the effort and the painstaking details that
made it unique and personal. We really enjoyed even
just coming over and piping our initials that say
'this cake is specially for you both'! Must say we are
glad to be the first couple :)

Do continue to be a blessing with your baking
services...that lovely cake that tops off beautiful
weddings, birthdays and special occasions. And not to
mention, it tastes great too!

Alex & June

Kudos to Bro Dan and the children too for their
support in your baking endeavours :)
Let us know when you go IPO, sure like to get some shares!