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Ubin and Sophie

Ubin and Sophie


"Initially, we thought that wedding cakes were for show, in that they
were just part of the decorations, to be seen but not eaten.

But Suwei's well thought out and beautifully executed (and fully
edible) cake changed the way we perceived wedding cakes.

When Suwei offered to bake us a wedding cake, we were overjoyed and
very grateful. She had made other cakes before, and her cakes are
known to be rich in ingredients and very tasty.

First of all, Suwei's cake was indeed really yummy! It was a carrot
cake with butter lemon icing, with lovely pink fondant on the outside.

And when we got to see the cake, the fabulous apperance was a pleasant
bonus! We loved the pink exterior, and carefully crafted fondant
details. The fresh flowers made the cake look really fun!

After the ceremony on the wedding day, we made sure we got some cake
to eat BEFORE we ate the buffet lunch, because we had a hunch it would
dissappear fast. And we were right! After eating lunch (in reverse
order), there wasn't a scrap of cake left at the buffet table!
However, Suwei was nice and saved the top most tier for us to bring
home. We passed it on to Sophie's parents as we were going off for our
honeymoon soon after.

We heard the cake didn't last the week.


But what we remember most about the cake though, is the hard work that
must have gone into making it, and the apparent grace and ease in
which it was produced.

And of course, the love that went into baking us such a wonderful gift.

Thank you Suwei! from the bottom of our hearts and stomachs!"


Ubin and Sophie.