> A Piece of Wedding Cake

Fitting the Tetrimino topper on the Cake
Taking the Topper apart
The Tetrimino Topper
My favourite Fishies
The Beaming Couple
Jelly Fish
The amazing Sculpey Topper
Under the Sea Wedding Cake!
Easy Peasy School of Fish
The Octopus that went Oooooo....
My Favourite Crabs!
Adrian and Angela
Wedding Joy!
Adrian and Angela
John and Clara Fitting on the Tetriminoes
The Geek Element
The Park Wedding's Bride and Groom Topper
A Delightful Wedding in a Park!
The Beautiful Bride and her Wedding Cake!
Heng and Shan's Cartoonish Cake
Cartoon Cake
Jin Kiat and Shan Shan
A Lovely Cake in a Lovely Setting
Sweet and Pretty
Intricate Piping Work
Dancing Bears
Cake gets lots of attention!
Say Liang and Lay Hong
Delicate Blue
Ubin and Sophie
The Baker and the Cake
A Contemporary Twist
Personalised Hand-Sewn Topper
waiting in the wings (actually, my kitchen table)
Daryl and Ebelle
Alex and June
Peach roses on a butterfly theme