> Perth June 2008

And We're off!
Not too far to walk.
The Boyton Family
The Church Kids!
Joash and Ash, opponents at Carpet Ball
Pastor Childs and his Wife
Three Chooks under Two Lemon Trees
More of them Chooks
Playground time!
On the Train.
Unsuspecting Passengers on the Train
Walking across the Bridge at Mandurah
Not only the kids get their Playground fun...
Train tracks
Chinese Restaurant at Perth City
One Satisfactory Meal
Swan Bells
Transperth Ferry
Boytons drop by
Kids at Home.
The Boys make themselves handy
Getting Busy mowing the Lawn
Beach play
Digging holes to fall in
How did he do it?
Teddy needs no coat.
Pastor and the Vege that Grew and Grew
Mommy in the Library internetting away...
All the kids enjoying a book together.
The Duckies at Yanchep National Park
The KIA Carnival we rented
The Beach at Lancelin
The pretty Yellows
SandBoarding At Lancelin
The two boards we rented
Beware! SandBombs!
Australians are Religious.
Western Australia Army Museum at Freemantle
Food Court at E-Shed Markets, Freemantle.
Fellow Singaporean
Happy Shoppers
Outback-ish hats!
mommie and her little man
Fish and Chips in the Park at Free-o
Feeding the Duckies with bread