> Perth June 2008

Mommie's JC friend
Heeere Ducky ducky ducky
Don't be Afraid! The Doggie is Friendly!
At home
G and his Wife
Yum Cha
Getting the Room Ready for Church Service.
Mommy Gets to Play for Service!
Getting Ready for Service to Start!
Pastor Sets up the Signage
Our New Egyptian Friends!
Too Tired for Shopping
Look Ma! I'm in the fish tank!
Good Good
Mister Scarecrow Man and me
Everyone seated and ready?
Bottle Feeding the Wee Animals
The Maze
At the Pyramids
Baby at the Busselton Jetty
On the Road
Free Samples!
Leeuwin Lighthouse
Black Sheep!
Feed the Lama
And of course, We can't forget the Roos.
Give me Carrot! *crunch crunch crunch*
Kanga and Roo?
I want to hold the Bunny!
Grumpy at Grumpys
The Mighty Heavens over the Great Ocean